Bio Fuels and Car Manufacturers

The United States government is very patient in finding solutions to stop our addiction to Middle Eastern foreign oil. This potential challenge will not be easy to develop our own fuel. Biofuels such as Biodiesel and Ethanol are one of the ways America can stop its addiction. But even if we can grow between 15 and 20% of our fuel in 2012, we still face other, more difficult challenges.

Currently automakers are building about 17 million cars per year and we need them to build cars, which use less gasoline, but they are not doing that. The average car other Japanese automakers gets 23 miles a gallon, while the average car made by US automakers gets 19 miles to the gallon. Both of those figures need to be around 30 miles per gallon and we need to help of car manufacturers to build more high breads and automobiles, which run on E85 Ethanol.

It is difficult to make changes in consumers buying behavior for fuel in the marketplace when we have large demand and waiting lists for people who wish to buy hybrids. Additionally the prices for high breads are too high and this is causing more people to buy regular automobiles, which is not helping the situation.

In addition we have companies such as Daimler Chrysler, which sells new Grand Cherokees Jeeps without advances plus price discounts with two years free replacement of gasoline and oil. These types of incentives conflict with the direction we need to move to our country. This is happening even further before we achieve victory in the market and help break American addiction to Middle Eastern foreign oil. Please consider this dilemma in 2006.